Medical Bill Review Software and Services

Bill Review, Optimized for You

Mitchell’s highly configurable bill review platform deploys powerful technology to help claims organizations process medical bills using accurate and up-to-date fee schedules and other benchmarks. Our proprietary platform integrates end-to-end with your claims system, provider and specialty networks, clinical services and IME systems, electronic billing and payment technologies and more to provide you the information you need exactly when you need it—helping you to see the full picture of the claim.

Solution Overview

Better Bill Review Outcomes

Mitchell’s bill review platform is explicitly designed for the auto casualty and workers’ compensation industries. Therefore, it delivers the functionality and features claims organizations need to accurately adjudicate claims, review medical charges and manage regulatory compliance, helping you achieve better bill outcomes.

From intelligent workflows expertly customized to your business to integrated solutions, Mitchell’s bill review platform—whether you’re using Mitchell SmartAdvisor or Mitchell DecisionPoint—can help you accurately adjudicate claims, increase operational efficiencies and contain costs.

Features & Benefits

Industry-Leading Bill Review Software & Services

From intelligent workflows expertly customized to your business to integrated solutions, Mitchell’s bill review platform can help you accurately adjudicate claims, increase operational efficiency and contain costs.

Best In Class Technology & Expertise

Contain Costs and Spend More Focused Time on High-Value Tasks

Deep Systems Integration

Accelerate Medical Bill Ingestion & Processing

Timely Fee Schedule Releases

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Highly Configurable Workflow Rules Engine

Increase Claim Processing Efficiency and Improve Bill Review Accuracy

Secure & Stable System Performances

Improve Program Performance

Delivery Model

A Delivery Model Tailored to Your Needs

Mitchell offers its medical bill review platform to its clients via one of three methods: licensed software, business process outsourcing with Technology Enabled Services and a hybrid model.

Business Process Outsourcing

Need More Help? Outsource with the Experts

Mitchell’s Technology Enabled Services handles your necessary, but often expensive internal operational tasks so you can shift focus to your business’ core competencies. When you outsource with Mitchell, we’ll serve your medical claims with our premier services and bill review expertise, giving you the confidence, satisfaction and trust you need when selecting a provider. You can be confident your medical claims are being served by the industry’s premier service provider with decades of bill review expertise.

Our team provides comprehensive bill review services, including:

  • Medical bill processing
  • Mailroom operations
  • Document management
  • Data capture
  • Provider contact center
  • Premium support
  • Specialized third party liability demand services
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Improve Bill Review Outcomes

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